For almost 16 years, Regency Furniture International has specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom hotel and resort furniture. Not only do we offer custom furniture design and manufacturing services, we also provide FF&E procurement to clients who are looking for a more complete, turn-key experience. We work closely with our partner factory to ensure that the quality of each piece of furniture meets our precise standards.

Initial Consultation

This first step will help us get a better idea of what pieces you are looking for, how many you will need, what they should look like, and should also give us an idea of what kind of budget we are working with.

Design concept

After our consultation, we will provide drawings and renderings that best represent what was discussed prior. If necessary, changes and alterations to these designs can be made accordingly to better suit your desires. 

If requested or necessary, we will create samples of your pieces to ensure everything comes out exactly as designed. This can be done to just get a better idea of the physical product or may be necessary if the design is more complex.



Once the drawings are signed off on and approved, we will begin the production process of your pieces. We make sure to be involved and oversee every step of the process to ensure that everything is completed exactly to our specifications and expectations.


Finally, after everything is carefully wrapped and packaged with labels clearly stating the item name, number, and location of the piece. We then place the items into a container and ship them to their destination. We are a turn-key business and handle all customs, duties, and deliveries for your convenience.